About the Benign Neglecter

I think I opened this blog for the same reason I once bought myself a pair of Crocs – not because I thought I could pull it off, but because I’d seen them over and over again and had to get on board with the trend.

Maybe my chronic over-sharing has found its perfect outlet here on the interwebs.  At the very least, the blog can serve as a virtual scrapbook that I’ll never have to dust.

So, in review:

  • I own a pair of Crocs
  • I tend to over-share
  • I hate dusting



9 thoughts on “About the Benign Neglecter

    • Glad this tickles you! I’m usually an overly verbose kind of person, so I wanted my “About” page to be short and sweet.

    • Thanks! I love your photos, and the fact that you are exploring the world at such a young age. I’m excited to read more about your adventures!

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