5 reasons why Goodwill is better than Target | Clark Howard

Here is a man after my own heart – Clark Howard.  I do have a foot firmly in both camps of “Team Target” and “Team Goodwill”.  I have a fondness for Target for keeping me clothed during my children’s toddler years, when a trip to pick up diapers or formula was my only shopping opportunity to get clothes, as well. Viva la Target!  But now that my kids are in school, and I can shop on my own time, Goodwill is almost always the more exciting and surprising shopping experience.


Besides, even if I pick up a few “extras” on a Goodwill trip, it doesn’t end up adding $100 to my final bill!  (We’ve ALL had those surprise moments at the Target cash register.)

Check out Clark’s article below…

Are you Team Target or Team Goodwill? Here are 5 reasons why you just may want to switch sides if you’re rooting for Big Red!

Source: 5 reasons why Goodwill is better than Target | Clark Howard