No, I didn’t lose your number




Look, this is awkward.  I know I’ve been out of touch for almost two years.  I can’t really explain why I’ve been silent or what I’ve been doing all this time.  The best excuse I have is that I got caught up in having a perfectly ordinary life.  You know – doing laundry, raising kids, watching Netflix, eating ice cream straight out of the container.  A whole month went up in smoke when I got hooked on The Walking Dead.

With all that going on, the angst that was my fuel for this blog melted away from me.  I felt balanced and whole in my good, perfectly ordinary life.

What am I doing back here, then?

I’m back because the roil and tumult of events happening outside of my control is rattling my will to live the one good life which I possess.  I’m back here not to write ABOUT, but to write BECAUSE.  Because of Katrina, because of Ferguson, because my 6th grader has three hours of homework a night.  Because my parents are ill, because of America’s god-forsaken election cycle, because when I browse my Facebook feed I see images of dead children.

Maybe I take life too personally.  But when is enough enough?

I’m also back because I have lucked into the perfect part-time job.  Because I turn 40 next month, because marriage equality has become the law of the land, because my church’s wondrous stained-glass windows have been restored and gleam again.  Because I still laugh at my husband’s jokes and enjoy good beer and live in a community unlike any other.

Because there are songs to be sung…

I Think It’s Going to Rain Today (Randy Newman)

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