Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

As a person who proactively avoids all things scary, spooky, dark, or terrifying, this week’s theme was a true challenge to me. I had to go out and find something spine-tingling to photograph, but I didn’t want to take on anything that would creep me out too much.

I mean, real life is frightening enough, isn’t it?

I decided to meander through an abandoned graveyard that I often pass by in my day-to-day duties.  The cemetery is not kept up, and always has an overgrown, wild look to it.  It’s obvious that some of the graves are old, and it had quite a few stone sarcophagi sitting, opened, around the grounds. *shiver*


I tried to keep the shots black and white, but this picture lost the depth of the decomposing synthetic roses with the wild vine growing through them in B&W.


The opened sarcophagi did not disappoint, and I could not help imagining how the remains were removed from each them.  (I am assuming it had been done cemetery-wide, at some point, as a public health measure.)  Still, it is downright eerie to peer into an open grave.


I went a bit overboard on the shots, so here’s a slideshow of the rest of my trip through the abandoned graves…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was hard to do these in black and white, as the trunks of the trees and the weathered headstones tended to have the same tones.  I wanted to photograph as much of the overgrown ground as possible, to highlight the air of neglect.  But, I realized as soon as I got back in my car that I had missed some opportunities to take some uniquely angled shots.

Well, I know that cemetery isn’t going anywhere.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

    • I agree. What makes it even sadder is that they were buried when they had family around to care for them, and now, no one must be left.

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