Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Holy Hannah, this challenge could not have come at a better time.  I’ve been on a photo-taking-binge, and I have a few good shots I can use for “Horizon”.  Squee!

First up, on a trip to New Orleans, I decided I must head to Cafe Du Monde.  I did so by a decidedly roundabout route, which took me by Audubon Park.  I spent a good half an hour trying to capture the picturesque scenes that can always be found there.  In this picture, I created a kind of false horizon, not focused on where the trees met the sky, but where this horse-trod path met the trees.  I had to edit it for underexposure, but I like the picture, anyway.


On my drive home from NOLA, I crossed a bridge in Mississippi that I knew I wanted to capture, even if I had to take the shot while driving.  (Don’t worry, I kept the road in the viewfinder at all times!)  I loved the way the span of the bridge overhead framed the sky like a strip of film exposures.  As an added bonus, the tint of the windshield made the upper half of the sky appear to fade into a deep blue.  No editing there!


This past weekend, my family spent some time together at a piece of lake-front property.  Talk about horizons…  Here’s a picture of the canoe christened “de Lune”, awaiting its next trip into the lake at the dock:


One final horizon, and this one is of the typical, sunset type.  After a full day at the lake in the fall sunshine, we all got to witness an incredible show as the sun went down.  I’m just glad I was there to see it and capture some of its essence.


Maybe I’ve been living in the South too long, but it really does bring to mind a certain scene in Gone with the WindGone+6+Hungry.jpg  (via maxseesmovies.blogspot.com)


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