Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns (also, late…)

I was in love with (last week’s) photo challenge, as I am very drawn to lines and patterns, and I knew I had shots out the wazoo to post.  Then, Saturday came, and then it was suddenly Monday, and then Thursday arrived with alarming swiftness, and I did all sorts of other things, rather than create a post.  You know, a week passed.  I think it’s the same thing for us all.  Except, some of you carved out some time and put up posts in response to this challenge, and I am only doing it now.

If you are ever near/in Philadelphia, you MUST visit the Penitentiary, camera in hand.  It is an amazing, haunted place.  In addition, some of the movie 12 Monkeys was filmed there. AND Steve Buscemi is the voice on the self-guided tour recording.

I’m hoping I can get my act together for this week’s challenge, and post something before the deadline!  Keep your fingers crossed…


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