Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

I’m not really the carefree type.  I much prefer to be careful.

Careful means not getting hurt.

Careful means being prepared for life’s “slings and arrows”.

Careful means making sure I’m never careless.

Carefree.  CareFREE?  You have got to be kidding.  Uh-huh.  Like the mother in A Christmas Story, I’m one of those, “You’ll shoot your eye out,” types.  There are too many things to worry about to waste time on frolicking.

If you’re looking for fun in this household, you have to go to my husband.  He works very hard to support our family, but somehow maintains the playful spirit of the eighteen-year-old I met the first day of college.  Here he is this past Cinco de Mayo:


I can count on one hand the number of times in my adult life when I’ve felt carefree.  (Well, felt carefree without the influence of some adult beverages…)

But I do have a grainy iPhone picture of one of my truly carefree moments.


My husband and I took the kids to Panama City Beach, where we found a place that had a laser tag court.  The whole family could go in and enjoy it, so I reluctantly put on a vest and grabbed a laser gun.  I entered the black-lit arena with everyone, not quite knowing what to do.  I’m not exactly an expert on playing games.

When the buzzer rang to start our game, however, something overcame me.  I forgot about being careful.  I dropped low to the floor and tracked my eight-year-old from behind to hit the sensors on the back of her vest.  I scrambled for cover behind walls, I spun and bolted after scoring a hit, I went after the targets on my husband’s vest with a militant urgency.  I could feel myself let go of the normal worries of the day and submerge myself in the flow of the activity.

I got so carried away that I also forgot that the place did actually have boundaries, and after rushing my husband in the darkness and then quickly trying to flee, I ran full-force into a wall.  I bounced back, laughing breathlessly, ignoring the pain in my sternum.

When the lights came up, and our game was over, I realized, “Hey, that was…what’s the word for it…fun!”  I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt that giddy.

We had a hasty family picture taken with all of us in our gear, and then agreed that we wanted to do it again.  And then again.

It felt so good, I should really try to incorporate more carefree moments into my life.  But first I have to go worry about what I’m going to make for dinner tonight.


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