Ever get hit by a poem?

I received in the mail today a collection of songs I ordered, written by American composer Tom Cipullo.  The song cycle is set almost exclusively to the poetry of Lisel Mueller, whose name didn’t mean a thing to the grey matter between my ears until today.

I perused the song I am going to be singing from the collection, but I also read the poetry to all the songs in the cycle.

Included on the list was Lisel Mueller’s “Fugitive”.


This poem has floored me.  I want to add it to all the poems I want to pin above my bed and never go to sleep without reading.

Maybe I am reacting this way because “Fugitive” is the title of one of my Top 10 Favorite Indigo Girls Songs Ever.

Maybe it’s because I heard an exquisite rendition of an aria at a recital last night – “Steal me, oh, steal me, sweet thief, for Time’s flight is stealing my youth…”.  (Thank you, Maria Valdes!)

Maybe I feel the words punching my solar plexus because they express the frankness and shock of aging, even into middle age.  “Fugitive” has the smack of transgression about it, and it reawakens my personal longing for regret (you read that correctly – longing FOR regret) that can drive me to distraction, nowadays.  That’s a whole ‘nother post, folks…

Since I’m not singing this particular poem, I’ll swim in the words awhile…stare at the ceiling…thank Ms. Mueller for her talent and beg her forgiveness for breaking all sorts of copyright laws, I am sure.

Oh, and perhaps get to working on the song that I will be singing.


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