So…forward it is!


Well, that was kinda quick.  Most leaps of faith don’t get this kind of turnaround.

Eight days ago, I made a somewhat rash decision and applied to a month-long art song workshop called SongFest.  I figured that if nothing else, applying to the program would be doing something to forward my singing career.  It was a nice change of pace from my usual position of sitting around, waiting for opportunities to fall down on me like rain.

Now, here comes the crazy part – I’ve been accepted.

So, uh……..


There are a lot of things I have to do to be ready for this experience, but I’m stunned and excited that the ground came up to meet me when I took that leap.

Now, please, please, take this as a sign to make that seemingly-impossible move that you’ve been thinking about.  I’m a 37-year-old suburban mother of two, with no real career to speak of (although I think I’ve achieved an honorary doctorate in folding laundry/cleaning up dog puke/grocery shopping on a budget/wearing Dansko clogs).  But, lookie, I’m going to be treated like an honest-to-god professional for a whole month, doing what I love (no grocery shopping required), and with the support of my family and friends.

If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.


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