Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

I found some extra inspiration for this week’s ‘Home’ theme in the pages of the newest issue of O Magazine.

The only advice column I read in the Great O’s periodical is written by the always-soulful Martha Beck.  (Suze, and both Drs. Phil and Oz can kiss my rear end.)  Beck’s advice in this month’s column involves creating a ‘state of home’ for ourselves in our own minds.  She instructs her readers to pick some comfortable, homey memories and hold them in our thoughts, thinking, ‘Home. Home. Home’.

Well, how perfectly things fell together for me after I followed Beck’s advice.  Here are my most important home places:

Using Beck’s exercise gave me some quick clarity on the places, people and things that populate my ideal, most homey world.

But, oh, I forgot beer…  Ooops.


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