Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Everyone and everything has something about it that is unique.  No two things are exactly the same.  Even things that we all have in common can be unique.  Take, for instance, the color of our eyes.

Specifically, the color of my family’s eyes.

My husband and I have almost the exact shade of brown, with some greenish highlights thrown in for good measure.  Nothing spectacular.  (Still, in a pitiful effort to feel unique, I have sometimes passed the color off as ‘hazel’ on my driver’s license.)

My son has round eyes in a uniform shade of deep, dark, coffee-colored brown.



…then there’s my daughter.

She was born with a newborn’s typical blue eyes, and I waited for them to fade into whatever brownish color her genes would assign to them.

But they never faded.  They got clearer and bluer.  By the time she was six-months old, I realized that her eyes were never going to change color – we had a blue-eyed baby in our brown-eyed family.  Not impossible, but certainly unique.


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