The best laid plans…

Have you ever been lounging in your favorite chair on a Friday afternoon, reveling in having nothing to do?  You’re just sitting in your new yoga pants, in your favorite chair, whiling away the hours, submerged in the black hole that is the the internet, just knowing you will NOT be cooking dinner tonight, no sir.  Tomorrow, you’ll sleep in, and then you and your husband will take care of a few small house projects, maybe even take the kids to the zoo.  Your plans are perfect.



And then it hits you, with the force of a hurricane – in one rush you remember that oh, crap, you’ve got a rehearsal tonight for which you will have to shed the yoga pants, shower, put on a bra and try to act professional AND there will be no easy-breezy Saturday or light power-tool work in your weekend because you are hosting a barbeque for your husband’s co-workers tomorrow.

Have you ever had one of those days?

Yeah, well, today was that day for me.


 I’ve got my bra on, at least.


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