Goodbye, My Friend (Season 3, Ep. 13)

I think my love affair with the wacky and wonderful 30 Rock began during the first episode, when Jack (Alec Baldwin), took one look at Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) and gave a piercing run-down of her life.  Perfectly delivered by Baldwin, the insults end with, ‘…and every two years you take up knitting for [slight pause for the perfect lip-pop] a week.’

And just like that, I fell.  I have watched every episode, multiple times, rewinding the DVR immediately after a new one has aired to watch it all over again.  And then sometimes, a third viewing for good measure.  In short, I can’t get enough of it.

Now that the show is airing its final episode tonight, I’m going to offer some of my favorite moments/quotes/images from the past seven seasons:

There’s the classic, ‘It’s six o’clock.  What am I, a farmer?’ line that will go down in the annals of history as one of the best written jokes ever in the history of television, ever.

I once re-watched (approximately a dozen times) a two-second scene where Jack’s mother (Eileen Stritch) dismissively tossed a bell she was wringing onto a silver tray.  Perfection.

Plus scenes like this, when 30 Rock tweaked the tails of Donkeys and Elephants alike:

Photo credit: Political Meme's

Photo credit: Political Meme’s

Both ‘Queen of Jordan’ episodes-within-episodes were exquisite. There was D’Fwan’s wine slogan – ‘Please, D’Fwink responsibly.’, and Angie’s clothing line of ‘stretchable formal wear for elegant plus-size women and huskier gays.’  In among the rest of the hilarity, there was Angie’s off-camera holler of , ‘You don’t give me notes!’ – a throw-away inside joke for people who have worked in stage or television.  And let us not forget,



‘Well, I found my first gray toe-knuckle hair.’

‘Good god, Lemon, (followed by anything Jack said next).’

‘Never follow a hippy to a second location.’

This one.  Click on it – it’s worth it.

Closely related to the previous excerpt, ‘Night Cheese.’

Jack dressed as Thomas Jefferson in a dream sequence, flipping off the Maury Povitch audience.

  This Liz/Jack exchange involving head injuries and graduate students:

Jenna: [as blood streams out of her nose when she hears a new cast member’s beautiful singing voice] ‘It’s definitely not a rage stroke.’





Muffin Top.

‘Hey, Frank! You’re Mom’s a hugger!’

The party Kenneth threw that raged out of control and left Jack and the whole cast looking something like this the next morning:



I could literally sit here all day and bring up quotes and scenes,but I’ll leave you with this – the comedic tour de force of Jack and Tracy’s therapy session:

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