Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

This week’s theme, while seemingly simple on the surface, has had me pondering for days.  I mean, the English language only has one word for love, but it is used in a myriad of contexts:

I love broccoli.

I love my new jeans.

I love my kids and my husband.

I love the way my shoulders look in a strapless dress.

I love Mozart’s Requiem.

I love 30 Rock.

All of these are true, but which ‘love’ should I depict in this post?   It seemed too shallow to post about ‘loving’ my laptop or a hoppy beer, but it also seemed too easy to simply put up a picture of my husband and say, ‘There you have it.’

So, finally, I have chosen to post a picture that captures some love between the two youngest members of our household.  My two  kids had spent so much time bickering and fighting during the summer weeks of 2011, that I took up blogging to try to escape the madness.  (It was during this time that I wrote ‘A SAHM Psalm‘.)

But when the time came to go back to school, this was the greeting my son gave my daughter when she got off the bus:


I don’t know if you can tell how hard he was hugging her, but Evan had missed his sister, and it showed.  This was a rare and beautiful moment of pure LOVE between the two of them.


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