Just a few simple questions

1. Why is there always a sticky spot on my kitchen table, no matter how many times I wipe it down?

2. How many years do I have to own an iPhone before I hit the correct icon for the function I want the first time?

3. Is it possible to hire someone with the sole job of forcing me to get to bed at a decent hour?

4. When did Good Morning America get so good?

5. Will I ever, ever, just once, please, finish all the laundry?

6. What are you supposed to do at the grocery store when the cashier hands you that yard-long receipt with your slip-sliding change and you’ve got to fiddle around with all of that before you can steer away from the check out and you can feel the eyes of everyone in line behind you boring a hole in the back of your head?

7. Am I still a good person, even if I never volunteer to be a PTA Room Mom?

8. Are you aware that Survivor is still on the air?  Follow up question: Why did Arrested Development find no one in network television to sleep with in order to keep itself on tv?

9.  Is it ever acceptable to end a list at nine items instead of going for ten?

3 thoughts on “Just a few simple questions

  1. Oh, boy–I can’t wait for Arrested Development to returning on Netflix in May. It’s the only reason why I renewed my membership. Counting down the days.

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