Daily Prompt: Quote Me

“There is nothing new under the sun…”

When pressed to identify a quote that I think of often, this little snippet fits the bill.  It must be a popular one, too, because it has its own merch at zazzle.com.

I love this quote because it is both a shrugged shoulder to the universe and a reassurance that everything, in the end, will be okay.

See, this barn confirms it.

This barn confirms it.

“There is nothing new under the sun…”

I find it a relief to lean on that statement and know that everything that’s happening in our history has happened before.  All of it – mass killings, destructive weather, corrupt an inept politicians, and the simple injustices that the world seems to run on – it’s all been done before.  When I feel like moving to France and/or claiming to be Canadian, I remember this quote and can unpack my bags by reminding myself that, no, we are not the inventors of vice, short-sightedness, and greed.

Even the good things in life like altruism, love, kindness, beauty, and just plain ol’ good luck have been around waaaaaaay before us and will be here waaaaaay after us.

I will now include this picture, because it is on-point and hilarious:

See?  Nothing new to see, here...

See? Nothing new to see, here…

There is nothing disturbingly new occurring, in the universal sense, so I can stop panicking that we humans are carrying the world to its brink.

But even if our empire falls, even if we pollute ourselves to extinction, even if everything that is going wrong today is not righted tomorrow, my go-to quote contains the seed of an extreme, existential peacefulness.  An assurance that the universe has seen it all.  Things continue to come and go and come and go and come and go, and the universe remains.  Nothing can perturb it.  One day, we may not be around to enjoy it, but everything is deeply, deeply okay.

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