Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

Oh, what a year it has been.

Oh, how impossible it is to represent it all in pictures.

I had some pretty dark times during the first half of this year.  Regrettably, I never had my camera on me to capture the moments when I cried in public, or made desperate calls to friends and family, or to record the fact that I spent approximately 75% of the months of January through June in the fetal position.  In lieu of depicting those activities, I’m going to sum them all up with this picture of me sitting, waiting in yet another psychologist or psychiatrist’s office.


Medicate me, please.

While I was falling apart, life continued to happen.  My husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage by renewing our vows – in Vegas, baby!  Everyone reading this needs to give mad props to my husband for renewing his commitment to me at a time when I could barely pass for a sane person.


Here is the street we call home, in bloom this spring.


This is a stone my son found and gave to me on a particularly bad day.  I had the honor later in the year to share this talisman with a friend whose own family was pitched headlong into crisis.


I carbo loaded.


I found the perfect coin purse, in my sister-in-law’s possession.


Be Net Worthy!

I got a few singing jobs.  This particular job demanded that I learn a beast of a piece, and sing it on Old English.  I performed the snot out of it (I said, modestly).


We had good times with my family, who was a huge support for me during the bad times.


We don’t usually walk around looking so freshly doused, but that day involved fun with water cannons.

I fought with my kids and husband at times, but I also ran full-speed into a wall in a darkened laser-tag theater.  Everyone survived all of it.


Jon and I traveled to a wedding, and we received the blessing of some special times with old friends – a gift we didn’t even realize we needed until we received it.


Come Thanksgiving, we were even happier to gather with my extended family around the table.


I had a fender bender in a thrift store parking lot.


Hailey and I completed a big school project.  (That’s actually what parents are required to do now – help their kids do their own homework assignments.  I protest, only because I’ve already passed third grade – I don’t need to relive it.)  Hailey got a good grade on the diorama.  No word yet on what grade I received.


A great night – my favorite girl and I went to an Indigo Girls concert.  I held her up when she couldn’t see over the crowd, and singing along with her and the crowd to ‘Galileo’ was a highlight of my year.


We bade farewell to some dear friends who were like family to us here in Atlanta.


And the four of us managed to successfully set the camera timer and all be smiling in the same direction in front of our Christmas tree.


My Grandfather used to quote this line from ‘A Psalm of Life’ by Longfellow:

‘Let us, then, be up and doing,/With a heart for any fate’

May 2013 find us all up and about our own business, making the world a better place as we can.

Goodbye, 2012.


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