A non-Photo Challenge photo post

I know that no new photo challenge has been posted yet this week, and I’m aware that Thanksgiving is pretty well back in our review mirrors.  Still, I want to share some shots I took at Thanksgiving while my family was in Pennsylvania.  I mean, why wait for WordPress to give me the perfect opportunity to post them?

These pictures were taken in front of my grandmother’s old house – which my sister and brother-in-law now own.  The house is on a rural street off a rural highway, and it amazes me how the place has changed and remained the same since my sister and I were kids, visiting our grandparents there.

This is the view across the street from the house:


The barn roof used to be red, and there used to be cows instead of horses grazing in the field, but it is still not too shabby, picturesque-wise.

Here’s the view as I turn and look up the street:


And here’s a shot I took while literally lying in the middle of the road, with my parents behind me admonishing my kids NEVER TO DO THIS.


I don’t like the way it turned out anyway….

Meanwhile, on the lawn behind me, this is what was taking place while I tried to get all arty with the landscape and my lens:



Yes, a good ol’ leaf pile jump-a-thon on a perfect fall afternoon.  That’s pure family fun you’re witnessing there, folks.

Thanks for letting me get all Norman-Rockwell on you for a few moments…  Now, we return to our regularly scheduled program of daily activities.


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