Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

The last time I needed my passport, it was for a trip to Canada.  As an American, I don’t know if going to Canada counts as going ‘foreign’, but there I was with Canadian currency, poutine and Tim Horton.  I was there traveling with a youth choir from Georgia (state, not country), and the choir got an opportunity to sing in Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal.  What particularly struck me in this the cathedral was the unique use of color to beautify the alter.  There was a tone of blue behind the choir as they sang:

The music was rapturous – it couldn’t be anything but when sung in a space like this.

Many, many moons and two children ago, I traveled to Italy on a singing tour. (This time I was one of the singers.)  I especially like two pics that I took there, and I’m going to go all rouge and post them, too.

Birds getting their bath on in the Piazza del Campo, Sienna, Italy.

A street in Sienna, Italy.

Funny thing about that last picture – it was taken directly after a lunch where I was seated next to man who hailed from Reading, PA, the town I was born in.  Isn’t that always the way?  Travel a few thousand miles in a straight line and somehow you end up back at home, although across the globe.

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