The Awesome List 9/14/2012

I swore I’d post something new this week, but I got stuck on the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge, which was to write a post in the style of your favorite author.  I spent all week trying to mine my memory for something to transform into a David Sedaris-style, memoir-ish essay, but I came up with nothing.  I resorted to looking through an old journal in order to remind myself of stories I may have forgotten.  That was quite unsettling, for as it turns out, I’ve forgotten a whole heck of a lot.  On the other hand, it was good to look into the past and see that I was crazy well before we had kids.  Hailey and Evan, you have been falsely accused of driving me nuts.  Turns out, I’ve been there all along.

I may have forgotten most of what occurred in the year 2000, but I’m not going to forget to make an Awesome List this week.  Here we go…

1.) Busting out the moves in carpool.  As the result of a fundraiser going on at the kid’s school, for two weeks, a couple of guys from the fundraising company brought a stereo outside to the morning carpool line and danced as our bleary-eyed children stumbled into the school building at 7:30 am.  I volunteered for the carpool line one day (as I’ve written about before) and I shouted a request to the dancing guys from my place on the curb – “Running Man!”  The volunteer next to me warned that I shouldn’t challenge them to do it if I couldn’t.  Whereupon, I set my coffee on the ground and executed a perfect Running Man at my spot on the sidewalk.  Yeah, that’s right, with no warm up or anything.  Now why couldn’t I get that move down when it was the hot thing to do on the dance floor in middle school?

2.) At last, some cooler weather.  The South has two seasons: mosquito season and non-mosquito season.  This year, we’ve been enduring a mosquito season that’s been ongoing since March.  We’ve been spraying our lawn with gallons of chemicals, and  spritzing ourselves with DEET-laced poison in order to try to enjoy the outdoors – but the mosquitos we’ve bred down here have become resistant and fearless.  Finally, this week, we’ve seen some promising fall-like temperatures.  Now, not only am I able to save gas mileage in my car by not running the a/c, but I am reminded by the cool air that non-mosquito season is coming.  We’ll soon have at least four months to be able to go outside without fear of contracting the West Nile virus.

3.)  This video.  You’re welcome.

4.) A visit from a cool relative.  My cousin Liz is on a round-the-country road trip, and she made a stop at our place.  She’s an artist who lives in Oakland, California, so we don’t get to see her all that often.  We got to reminisce about old family memories and catch up on each other’s lives.  She was even tolerant enough to let the kids wake her at 6:30 am so she could see them before they headed off to school.  Now she’s off to New Orleans.  Laisser les bons temps rouler, Liz!

5.) My cute kids running in the afore-mentioned fundraiser race at their school.  Observe:


Hailey ran over two miles on the kid-sized track, and Jon and I both underestimated Evan – he ran 23 laps!  (Jon predicted 8, I predicted 12.)

I’ll let the David Sedaris thing go, and hopefully get out another post before next Friday!  Happy weekend!

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