The Awesome List

Okay, I guess I should get back to writing some posts, now that I’ve declared myself competent to do so.  I’ve been out of the blogging mindset for so many months, it’s been hard for me to wrangle my brain back into it, but today is great place to start, as I used to post my Awesome List every Friday.

Ladies and gentlemen, this week in Awesome:

1.) My husband.  This man believes in things, and this man is humane enough to stand for his beliefs in such a way as not to alienate the people he disagrees with.  (Me, I avoid discussion of anything controversial, at all costs, because I have only one mode when discussing things I am passionate about – wild-eyed, batshit nutso.)

For a recent example of my husband’s level-headedness, we have to look back no further than Labor Day.  We were hosting a barbeque for the block at our house, and some neighbors arrived fresh from seeing the movie 2016.  The husband of the couple immediately started into a screed about how Obama hates America and is a Muslim, etc., etc.

Now, our neighborhood is largely conservative, with only a few of us bleeding-hearts residing here.  We all follow the general rules of engagement on these things – don’t discuss religion or politics.  Pretty simple.  But here was someone blowing up at our party, not merely discussing the upcoming election or general policy conflicts, but doing that crazy-talk that extremists do.

Jon stepped right into the flow of the tirade, and calmly made some diffusing “Mmmm-hmmm”, and “Oooookay”, noises.  (He also got in a few deadpan sarcastic comments, but I love him even more for that.)  Finally, he firmly said straight up to the still-ranting neighbor, “Look, I don’t want to talk about this.  It’s a party – let’s just have a good time”, and then directed him on where to put the fold-up tables he’d brought along for the barbeque.

(Later, the wife did try to bait a few of us women into a discussion about the movie, but none of us rose to it.)

The couple stayed for the entire party, talking and enjoying the food and fun with the neighbors and didn’t scuffle off in a huff because their certain brand of crazy was not appreciated by this crowd.  I think Jon made that capable of happening, because he stayed calm with a person he disagreed with and instead of engaging them on their intense level, he just invited them to join the party.

Me, I would have gone all wild-eyed, batshit nutso and run them off the lawn screaming obscenities.  (Or at the very least, I would have fantasized about it.)  But it’s true, as Jack Donaghy said on 30 Rock, “You can’t fight crazy with crazy.”  Jon can fight crazy with firm kindness.  That is probably why we’re still married.

2.)  The package of Milano cookies I bought that I’m not sharing with anyone.

3.)  What is the silver lining on the cloud that is an incompetent cashier at Target?  While standing there in line, you might end up finding the tiniest container of Vaseline ever hanging there in the checkout lane:

4.)  Discovering a new type of food.  

I never thought I’d live to see the day when we’d be selling chicken fritters.  Goddammit, chicken fritters!  Can you read that they are also made *with no wing meat*?  If I wasn’t laughing at this abomination to food and the English language, I’d be crying.

That’s enough Awesome for me, this week.  See you all next week.



2 thoughts on “The Awesome List

  1. Loved the blog! 🙂 it is amazing how we end up with our opposites. Mine is the insane brain and Wes is the calm collected …

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