Awesome List 5/18/2012

It’s getting to be the end of the school year, so a lot of big, awesome things are happening.  Like:

1.) Graduating Pre-K.  Our son has gone to preschool for four years, and at last, he has finally ‘graduated’.

Full disclosure – I thought these graduation ceremonies for five-year-olds were ridiculous and superfluous – until I had my own five-year-old.  Do you see how cute he is in that mini cap and gown?  Come on.

2.) Ice cream.

I think Evan’s pose says it all, here.

3.) Local festivities.  We live near a small regional airport, and every year they put on an air show.  I have missed this event three years running (somehow I always have a rehearsal on the date of the show), but Jon and the kids love it.  They can check out old planes and see some stunt flying and this year they got autographs from some of the pilots, too.  They came home baked from the heat of the tarmac, but happy.  Maybe the cotton candy has something to do with that, too…

4.) Neighborly love.  As you know, Evan is in a little baseball league, and some of the folks from our block came to cheer him on at his Saturday game.  They came decked out with signs and a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm, which was wonderful.  We felt the love.  And Evan got the golden game ball, to boot!

It’s a short list this week.  I haven’t been feeling like myself, so I’ve been lacking in personal awesomeness. But fortunately, I’m surrounded by undeniably awesome people and good things that can pick up the slack.  And at least I had a good lunch this week, right?

UPDTAED:  Guess what else is awesome?  My sister and her husband are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today!  Double digits, baby!  Many happy years to Amy and Dwayne!


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