The Awesome List 5/11/2012

This week’s awesomeness includes:

1.)  Look ma, no cavities!  I took Evan in to the dentist this week, and he came out with a good report.  If you haven’t been to a pediatric dentist recently, let me tell you that they are really going over the top to make going to the dentist an almost-enjoyable experience.  Imagine a doctor’s office painted in wild colors, with games and toys and big screen televisions playing movies in the waiting area.  Then, I’ve heard (parents don’t go back to the doctor with their kids), there are video games to play while the flouride sits on their teeth and tvs on the ceiling for them to watch while the dentist is as work.  When they leave, they get a balloon and a light-up toothbrush.  Can we start getting some comparable perks in the gynecologists office, please?  I know I’d feel a little more relaxed during my annual exam if I could be cruising Pinterest on an iPad.  Just sayin’.

2.) A good haircut.  I shudder at salon prices.  Ever since a stylist in London combed through my hair with its $12 haircut from Great Clips and commented, ‘You have a good haircut.’, I’ve been sold on the cheapo cuts you get at the walk-in places in strip malls.

However, I have matured a bit.  I’ve recognized that a good haircut grows out better than a cheap one.  I usually get my hair cut only every three months or so (I’m lazy about it), so paying good money for a cut can be worth it.  I now semi-regularly spend what it would cost Jon and I to go to dinner on a haircut at a nice salon.

I strayed from this wisdom a few weeks ago, and entered a Great Clips.  After leaving and realizing that my haircut was crooked, I decided to return to a salon and get a ‘real’ haircut at a place that takes appointments and washes my hair and mostly leaves it uncrooked.

Now my haircut is crooked just because I’m tilting my head…

3.) Cheap kiddie pools.  Since the weather has decided to skip spring and head straight to summer, Jon got the kids a little pool to splash in.  They pulled out their new water guns (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!) and splashed and ran and did everything kids are supposed to do.  They even got their Dad cooled off after mowing the lawn.


4.)  Mental health professionals.  I took this picture while waiting to see my counselor, and I just want to give a shout out to the folks who are helping me keep my angst in check.

5.)  Field Day.  Remember that?  Hailey had Field Day at her school today.  The entire playground was seething with kids running, jumping, skipping and hopping.  She did the 50-yard dash and here she is with her class, doing the tug-of-war:

Experts may say that kids are more sedentary nowadays, but I didn’t see any of those kids today.

6.) 30 Rock.  I know this is a week late, but Episode 620: Queen of Jordan Two: The Mystery of the Phantom Pooper was one of the funniest half-hours of television I’ve ever watched.  Exquisite.  And if you don’t like the title, you’re probably not a fan of the show.  Your loss.

Until next week, my friends – stay awesome!


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