Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

So, WordPress sends out an email every week called the Weekly Photo Challenge.  It has a different theme every week, for instance, ‘Sun’ or ‘Journey’, and asks bloggers to post pictures to their blogs on that theme.  I decided to get in on the fun this week, with the theme of ‘Unfocused’.  I took these pictures at an amusement park in Pennsylvania called Dutch Wonderland.  Situated right in the middle of Amish country, the theme park is smaller than what you’d expect from a Six Flags or Disney park, but still packs in the fun.  Where else is milking a fake cow or posing in a horse-drawn buggy considered entertainment?


But now I’ve lost my focus on the ‘unfocused’ picture theme…  Here are those shots:

Jon took Evan on the bumper cars, and at first, I was intent on getting a clear shot of them. But then I surrendered to the speed of the ride and took shots of everything rushing by me with a slower shutter speed.  I love the ‘ghostly’ look of the people in the cars, especially against the immobile yellow tires and cones in the middle of the rink.

I hope to do more of these Weekly Challenges, as I want to experiment more with my camera skills.  We’ll see what comes up next week….


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