The Awesome List 5/4/2012

The following awesomness was observed this week:

1.) Parallel parking on the first try.  For me, parallel parking is tricky, at best.  It can involve a lot of jockeying to get the van the appropriate distance from the curb and from the cars behind and before it.  When it goes smoothly, with one curving reverse turn and a small hitch forward into just the right position, it’s cause for a celebration.  I always take a picture with my phone, to preserve the fact that at least once, this once, I was good at parallel parking.

2.) Going all Mr. Miyagi on a fly in the house.  Okay, I didn’t snap the thing right out of the air with chopsticks, but I did surprise it by scoring a hit with my kitchen towel while it sat on a nearby stool.  Fwap!  No more fly.  There was nothing more to do with the towel but put it in the laundry, but hey, those things are versatile!

Dish towel/fly swatter

3.) School pictures.  Remember getting all dressed up to get your picture taken at school?  You wanted your hair to be perfect, you cursed fate if you had any zits, and you tore through your closet searching for just the right outfit to be immortalized in.  Well, we did all that when we were older, and my kids haven’t reached that angsty stage yet.  I don’t even bother to dress them up much, as usually I’ve forgotten they’re getting their pictures taken at all.  Hailey did make a request to have braids in her hair this year:

Picture of a picture, pardon the glare…

Evan just got his spring pictures back (some schools take pictures twice a year now) and the result is the most dressed-up shot yet:

I even remembered to get his hair cut a few days before picture day!

What’s trippy is looking at their first school pictures….


4.) Family outings.  I did blog about my unexpected experience with Coke Zero while at a baseball game this week, but the whole family was there at Tuner Field, watching the Braves play and enjoying the carnival-like atmosphere at the stadium.  If you’ve never been, imagine a state fair or something along those lines, with a very expensive baseball game in the middle.  There’s a large kids area inside the stadium, with a treehouse and a mini baseball field, and a rotating slate of activities.  There are bands playing and long lines for the pitching games.  There are concession stands every four feet. There are silly things like this:

I don’t know what the statue of liberty has to do with the Atlanta Braves, but, okay.

There is a spot way up at the top of the stadium with giant-sized adirondack chairs in the shape of Coke bottles and an enormous three-story Chic-fil-a cow that does the Tomahawk Chop every time the Braves get a hit.  There’s also a place to run down a baseline like a real player – the kids love this:


Oh, and somewhere, the Braves were playing the Pittsburgh Pirates.

6.) Living within your means.  Our hardwood floors are starting to show some serious wear in the kitchen area, and I got an estimate on refinishing them.  Unfortunately, the way our home is laid out, nearly the entire first floor would need to be redone, at a cost of close to $2000.  That’s distinctly un-awesome, but I’m going to look at the silver lining and say that what IS awesome is not going into debt over flooring.  Also, I think this means I get to go rug shopping.

Stop by again next Friday to find out what’s awesome!


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