The Awesome List vol.7

I haven’t posted a thing all week – forgive me.  Some awesomeness has been noted this week, though, so here’s my list for this week:

1.)  Stilla Lip Glaze in Dreamy.  Now, this is my current favorite lip gloss.  I just finished a tube and hiked over to Sephora to get some more.  It was nowhere to be found.  Alas, it was a ‘limited edition’ color.  Now why would they do that?  I was a bit afraid that I’d have to try to find a new favorite shade (white people problems!)but thanks to the resellers on Amazon and Ebay, I now have a new tube and a spare.  The interwebs, FTW!

2.)  Game night!  Some friends hosted a game night, and I got to see my husband impersonate Marilyn Monroe over the steam grate.  Priceless.

3.)  Visits from old friends.  A good friend of the family came through town and we had her over for dinner.  One great thing about old friends is that they don’t judge you when you realize you’ve run out of propane for the grill and you have to order pizza for dinner instead of grilled chicken.

4.)  Working hard.  I’ve met with my recital friends for our upcoming (May 20) program four times this week.  It’s been a little intense to work together and really concentrate our energies, but I know it will be worth it.  Be there if you can – Panoply of Song at Alpharetta Presbyterian Church, May 20, 3:00 pm.  (It’s also awesome to use your blog to promote yourself.)

5.)  Child labor.  Evan want to save up for an Angry Bird plush, so we’ve given him chores that he can do for points to earn the toy.  So far, he’s wiped down the bathroom sink and shined up the appliances in the kitchen, and now he’s dusting the blinds.  He’s got a ways to go to earn that bird, but if he can keep this up my house will be cleaned by his little greed-power for a week or two.

6.)  Lunch breaks.  I’m a ‘stay at home’ mom, whatever that means, and I rarely go out to lunch.  I’m not on a set schedule, so whenever I get hungry, I usually eat some leftovers while standing at the kitchen counter, checking Facebook for the twentieth time that day.  But this week, I actually went out with a friend and sat down and paid someone to bring me lunch.  It was worth it – a sit-down lunch with a friend should be one of life’s necessities.  There are no troubles that can’t be eased by conversation over sushi (white people problems!).

Okay, maybe I’ll get a post out this week and not leave you all hangin’!  Happy awesomness!




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