The Awesome List 4/20/2012

Time for our weekly Awesome update, starting with:

1.  Being a kid.  Remember playing on a Slip N Slide?  For our kids, it’s not so distant a memory…

2.  More flowers, this time from my caring spouse who wanted to show me some support when I was stressed.

3. Great bread, and FREE great bread.  The farmer’s market where I purchase these heavenly croissants is back open, and I got my hands on a buttery little number as soon as I could on Wednesday morning.  I even marked my calendar:

At the market, while bagging my reason for living criossant, the ladies in the bakery booth asked, ‘Do you eat bacon?’  Um…yes.  They proceeded to give me a free loaf of bacon and onion bread which I can find no fault with.  Who’s got two thumbs and mouth full of delicious baked goods?  This gal.


4. Getting compliments.  The weather is getting too warm for me to wear a pair of shoes I picked up on clearance, but I wore them out for one last spin yesterday, and the compliments came pouring in.  Okay, they were coming from my choir of middle school girls, but if wearing awesome shoes gets them to pay attention to me AND appeal to my vanity, I call that a win-win.

These boots were made for directing in 7/8 time.

5. Stitch Witchery.  I am decidedly uncrafty when it comes to sewing.  I gave away my sewing machine years ago, as I couldn’t remember how to use it.  I’ve regretted that action several times over the years, but whenever a problem needed to be solved with needle and thread, I just did it by hand.

Then my favorite pair of lounge pants (black knit jersey, older than my daughter, and worn to the perfect feather-weight) sprung holes in them so large that I could no longer fix them by hand or wear them in mixed company.  I thought my MVP pants were going to have to be consigned to the scrap pile.

But through the magic of Stitch Witchery (and the ultimate sacrifice made by an old black tank top) my pants are hole-free and fully wearable.  I used the Stitch Witchery tape, a damp cloth and and iron to patch up the offending holes with pieces of the tank top – sans sewing machine, needle or thread.

Awesome, indeed.  Have a great week, and come back next Friday for more doses of awesomeness.


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