One of these things is exactly like the other

I stopped by the drugstore today to get a comb.  Our household has numerous combs, but all of the cheap, stole-it-from-the-hotel-vanity-pack variety.

Now, I have to confess I am the worst kind of shopper – the kind of shopper who has to take in ALL options before buying.  This is not, in itself, a horrendous trait.  However, the way we Americans demand variety can leave a person like me standing in a store aisle with my head spinning, trying to discern which one of eight different kinds of cotton balls will meet my cotton ball needs.

Jon won’t even walk into a store with me, now.

So, when I enter a drugstore looking for a comb, rest assured, I am going to look at ALL the combs.  All. of. them.

After staring at the display for a few minutes to visually sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, I saw a nice, sturdy comb that said it was good for ‘all hair types’.  (My type, in case you were wondering, is short, thin and greasy.)  Not to be satisfied with a quick decision, I kept my eyes roaming.  I spied another nice, sturdy comb that claimed to be perfect for use on ‘thick, curly hair’.  It was fifty cents cheaper than the one I first saw.

Now I ask you, can you see any difference between these combs?

'All Hair Types' on the left, 'Thick, Curly Hair' on the right.

It’s the SAME COMB, packaged a little differently and sold more cheaply to those with curly hair, apparently.  In protest, I put both of them back and bought a set of combs I could find no match for – I will not be bamboozled!

(This is why I buy generic brands of almost everything – I swear, most of that stuff gets packaged in brand-name boxes one day, and store-brand boxes the next.)

What else are we getting swindled on?  I know, I know, the list is endless, but what are those things that are packaged up differently, but are still essentially, the same – like the combs here?

I’ll start with the obvious – political candidates.  Now you go – leave your suggestions in the comments section.


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