The Awesome list

It’s Friday!  Time for an update on what is currently awesome.

1.  Fresh flowers – some I picked from the yard, some are a gift from neighbors:

2. Easter eggs, both the dyeing and hunting of:

Happy after a successful hunt

3. Easter candy – we now have an obscene amount of sugary treats in the house, post-Easter.  If I could figure out a way to make a nutritive meal with jelly beans, I wouldn’t have to go grocery shopping for a month.  But the best Easter candy of all is Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.  To wit – they were my dinner last night…

It's been five days since Eater, so it's really a testament to my self-restriant that there are any of these left.

4. Silly games.  Last Saturday, we held a little ‘Minute To Win It’ style competition with friends.  There’s something freeing about just playing and humiliating yourself a little bit.


5. Spray canola oil.  Who knew that it could keep squirrels out of our birdfeeder?  Jon sprayed the post with a liberal amount of the stuff, and the birdseed buffet has been closed for those rodents.  Now the birds are actually fed from our birdfeeder – what a concept!

6. Kids who catch on to things quickly.  Evan just showed me that he can log onto the family computer, open the browser and find all by himself.  Once again, benign neglect rules here at Chez Lupton.

7. Cheap nifty stuff from Ikea.  Ikea is awesome all the time, but these are the specifics I picked up this week.  They now sell plastic baggies (Istad) with the cutest designs on them.  They also sell wooden hangers (Bumerang – har, har) for less than a dollar a piece.  Every time I go to Ikea, I pick up several packs of the Bumerangs, and I’ll keep doing so until my closet is 100% Bumerang!


Hope your week is filled with awesome!  It’s everywhere, if you look…


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