This Week in Awesome

I found these things to be fairly awesome this week:

1)  My daughter had a friend sleepover at our house and instead of simply letting the kids run wild and hoping for the best, I (gasp!) PLANNED ACTIVITIES.  We decorated little felt Easter bunny cutouts AND painted rocks.  The title of this blog comes from my overriding parental philosophy, so carrying out two whole kid-centered activities in 24 hours is kind of a personal record for me.

2)  Practice makes perfect – I painted my nails without smudging any of them.  I know this doesn’t count as something spectacular for most people, but this is the results of literally years of effort on my part.

I promise not to post any more about my fingernails, polished or otherwise.

3) I am overcoming the delusion that every fashion mistake I make will be splashed across the front of a supermarket tabloid, which is why I went ahead a bought a pair of shorts.  (Yes, even though I asked you guys to stop me from doing such a thing.  What kind of blog friends are you, anyway?)

I keep hearing Adam Glassman’s voice in my head, saying, ‘If you’re asking yourself, “Does this make me look fat?” the answer is yes.’  I keep telling him to shut up. I will consider these shorts cheap air conditioning for the sure-to-be-sweltering summer months ahead.

4) I ate a pretzel larger than my head.  With melted butter.  While wearing the shorts.

5)  We’re all familiar with those self-checkout lanes at stores that make us feel all super special for about three seconds – until we realize that scanning purchases is not a pleasure, it’s a chore.  That’s why we pay other people to do it for us.  At any rate, there are some things usually reserved for use by paid cashiers – like the gun bar code reader.  I’d never had one of them in my hands before, but I got my chance to shoot my purchases before bagging this week at Ikea:

Bang - gotcha, apple slicer.

6)  I’ve got the smell of woodsmoke in my clothes and hair, which I love.  We have a gas fireplace at home, but nothing compares to the ritual of building an open flame at a cabin in the woods.

7) I installed Instagram on my phone and I’m messing around with it a little.  Here are some shots I took at breakfast yesterday:

My kids are awesome.

That’s all for this week.  Tune in next week for more awesomeness!

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