What happens in Blue Ridge…

Blue Ridge, Georgia is the kind of place where you can be sitting on a bench enjoying some shaved ice and the next thing you know, you’re dog-sitting a stranger’s pooch:

Happy child and confused dog.

Moments before this picture was taken, we chatted briefly with this dog’s owner as she passed us on the sidewalk.  We mentioned having a dog of our own, and I suppose that qualified us, a whole minute later, to watch over her dog as she ran to the bathroom.

Had our new acquaintance realized that although we do have a dog, it is sadly neglected and not up to date on its shots, she may have reconsidered leaving poochie-pie in our care.  We did manage to keep it from running into traffic while its owner answered nature’s call, but let me say that those few minutes exhausted my very shallow reserve of dog-care capabilities.

Wait a minute – the owner might not be winning any character-judging contests, but what kind of suckers were we?  We could have been stuck with this 14-year-old, freshly shaven dog for the rest of its brief life as it’s owner sprinted away and hopped the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway train, never to be heard from again.

Ah, but that did not happen.  Dog and owner were reunited and like I said, sitting with an unfamiliar, half-blind dog while your shaved ice melts in the sun is just one of the things you may find yourself doing in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

You can also pose with a large moose topiary:

or pan for fool’s gold at a miniature mining getup:

or hit the links:

or go for a swing:


or try to steer clear of the marauding roosters(?):

I've been to Blue Ridge at least four times and have never seen anything to warrant a sign like this.

You can also have a cafe au lait made-to-order in a coffee house by a guy wearing a hunting hat with a fishing lure through the brim.  (And no, he wasn’t wearing it ironically, as his dear-hunting camo t-shirt made clear.)

Yup, Blue Ridge.  There’s no place like it.


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