The Awesome List

This week in awesomeness:

1.  My son had his first mini baseball game.  It was achingly cute.

2.  My daughter showed off on the monkey bars:



3.  I got my nails done -again.  This time, I managed to smudge all five nails on my right hand before leaving the shop, but I loved the color, so I lived with the less-than-perfect nails.

4.  It came, it came, it came!  I ordered a new personalized cookbook through Tastebook to replace my old favorite:

Nothing against my well-loved book, but I’d grown wearing of searching through that growing sheaf of recipes I’d tucked inside the cover every time I was looking to make a meal.  So, I typed all those extra recipes that had been busting the binding on my old book into Tastebook and ordered a shiny new cookbook, with my name on it and everything…

So I guess it’s official – I’m published…?

5.  I performed a concert with this wonderful group – Coro Vocati.  Several times, as a singer, I didn’t want to take a breath to stop participating in the sound.  It was truly fun.  I’ve only recently joined this group, so they don’t know enough about me to be scared of me.


That’s all for today.  More awesomeness is sure to come this next week – we will be vacationing in a cabin in the North Georgia mountains, so I’ll be relaxing around this suh-weet fire pit for a few nights:

Pass the marshmallows...


2 thoughts on “The Awesome List

    • Thanks! It sure beats complaining. I used to do an awesome/foolish list until I realized that those terms are not mutually exclusive.

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