The Weekly Awesome/Foolish List

As promised, here is the Weekly Awesome/Foolish List, or WAFL.

Awesome things I did this week:

1)  My son goes through stages where, seemingly, all he can do is WHINE.  This week, he spent a lot of time in that phase.  I did something awesome by not setting him out on the front lawn with a sign around his neck, reading: FREE TO A GOOD HOME.

2)  I bought a ticket to see The Hunger Games tonight with some gals from my neighborhood.  Team Peeta!

3)  I hiked down (and up) and waterfall trail while…

4)  …spending the weekend with some friends at their family lake house.  It was a great time – thanks, Rockwells!

5)  I remembered to cash in a Living Social coupon before it expired.  I got a nice-looking box of produce delivered to my door:

6)  Although my bitterness at the 80-degree temps we’ve been experiencing cannot be underestimated, I do appreciate the beauty that is the South in spring (minus the pollen).  Here’s how the early spring has sprung on my street:

Foolish things I did this week:

1)  I attempted to make a tender pot roast.  In spite of years of evidence to the contrary, when those chuck roasts go on sale at the grocery store I succumb to eternal optimism and think, ‘Yeah, this time I’ll get it right.’  I’ve tried the crock pot and I’ve tried a dutch oven and it is just uncanny how bad the results invariably are.  Someone stop me from trying this again, ever.

2)  My hubris overtook me and I tried on a pair of shorts.  Ewww.  Someone stop me from trying this again, ever.

3)  Did you ever put on an outfit and really think that you look great and then you see a picture of yourself in that outfit and realize you look like crap?  That’s the exact feeling I got when I listened to a recording of myself rehearsing for my upcoming recital.  I thought I was in really good voice, but then again…maybe not.

4)  I direct a girls choir one night a week, and I’ll admit it, I bribe them with lollipops.  If we have a great rehearsal, Tootsie Roll Pops for everyone!  This week, because of #4 above, my stash of treats had been removed from the minivan and I showed up this week at rehearsal with no candy.  Thank goodness the girls were off the chain and didn’t earn a reward – I could have had a mutiny on my hands.

That’s all for this week.  My husband probably has more examples of my foolish behavior, but this isn’t his blog, so…

3 thoughts on “The Weekly Awesome/Foolish List

  1. Karen, I love your blog!!! It always makes me smile. BTW – get a bolar roast; season with salt, pepper, garlic powder; drop into crock pot – if there is a fat side, put it up; add enough beef broth to cover 2/3 – 3/4 of the roast; set crock pot to cook at least 8 hours; waa laa! I like to get a roast large enough to shred some for bbq, tacos/quesadillas and use the beef, broth and noodles (grandma evans used to make this all the time when I was a kid). Anyway – this has never turned out chewy or tough. Enjoy!

  2. Karen, I think the roast thing is a matter of time. For years I couldn’t make a pot roast like Grandma’s to save my life. Then, at about 42, things came together and I don’t think I’ve made a bad one since. Your turn will come!!

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