What $1 Can Buy

I went to Target on Friday and decided to try on some clothes. On my second trip to the dressing rooms, I found a $1 coin in a stall. I pocketed it, glad to have some extra latte money (and a cute black skirt – thanks, Tar-jhay!)

I kept the coin in my purse until this morning, when I handed it to my daughter to supplement the piggy bank money she was planning to spend at the school book fair.

Hailey was so excited that she took off with quick, pattering footsteps to add it to her purse.

At the sound of her bare feet on the hardwoods, a memory was jogged loose. I remembered hearing that cadence every morning when Hailey was younger. Before we had to wake so early in the morning to get to school, she would scutter and scurry down the hall from her room to find me when she woke up. Those footfalls, soft and fast, were how I began every day with her.

$1 for a short, sweet trip down memory lane on a Monday morning?  What a steal.

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