Awesome Things I’ve Done in the Past Week

I have to balance out the foolish with the wise, right? Yesterday’s post was all about foolish things I’ve done in the past seven days – here are some of my better decisions…

1. I held our neighbor’s brand-new baby. I’m off the procreation wagon for good, but it’s still a thrill to hold such a tender new life – especially when there are no 2 a.m. feedings in it for me.

2. Renewed my marriage vows to this man:

Can’t help lovin’ dat man o’ mine.

3. Found and summarily purchased the most perfect tank tops in the whole world. Old Navy calls them the ‘Tami‘ (a cross between tank and cami) – I call them MINE.

4. I knew when to fold ’em. I did not lose money in Sin City. I threw some money down the gambling hole at the slots, but at roulette, I came out ahead. My strategy? Don’t drink, don’t stay for more than 15 minutes at a table and as soon as you get one big ‘win’ that boosts you over what you started with, quit.

5. I made this recipe for cake-in-a-mug and ate it while drinking red wine.

6. I did #5 after the kids were in bed so I didn’t have to share. The cake – share the CAKE.

7. I bought some Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards to give to the teachers at my daughter’s school for Teacher Appreciation Week. I’m sure that most teachers would wish for education reform, or smaller class sizes, or better wages, but they’ll have to settle for $5 worth of donuts.

8. At our vow renewal in Vegas, I wore my original wedding dress. That’s right. 15 years, two kids, and it still fit. Don’t they give out awards for that sh*t?

No? Okay, I’ll settle for $5 worth of donuts.

9. I bought a ticket to see The Hunger Games on opening night. The best part? I’m going with a group of neighbors who have been passing around the books and organized the movie excursion. Seriously, folks – if you ever need to move to the Atlanta area, Dyer Circle is THE street to be on.

10. Last Friday, I completed my 7 Days of Blogging that I began the week before. I think it was kinda successful – at the very least, it got me blogging regularly again.

I like this Foolish/Awesome juxtaposition – I think I’ll make this a regular feature. Each Friday, I’ll post an F/A list so we can all observe that often thin line between a bold action and a big flop. I’d better get to gathering some material.


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