Three Nights in Vegas

As you may have known, we’ve been away on a little trip.  I’d love to write a big, wordy blog post about how much fun Jon and I had (a lot), and how many minidresses I saw (approx. 1,642), and how our wedding vow renewal ceremony was lovely and touching (I cried from beginning to end).

But I’m exhausted, and now I’m back home with the kids, sans husband.  Here are some highlights:

Jon and I went on the X-Scream – a thrill ride situated at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel, at the somewhat-shady end of the strip.  See it there in the picture?  It’s a tiny dark finger of metal extending off the top of the saucer…

The ride consists of strapping yourself into a car and being shaken off the side of the building like this:

It’s horrifying.  I can’t believe we paid money to have that sort of terror inflicted upon ourselves, but at least we didn’t do the SkyJump, where you throw yourself off the 108th floor in a ‘controlled free-fall’.

We had breakfast at the terrace restaurant at the Paris Casino, where three extremely drunk as*holes decided to finish up their night (at 9 AM) by puking in some nearby flowerbeds.

But we also saw a captivating installation at the Bellagio:

I tried to play slots, but I had NO IDEA how to lose my money on machines like this with any sense of understanding:

We took fun self-portraits in front of Paris and the Bellagio:


And here are a few shots from our little ceremony:

Not bad for just a tad over 48 hours.

Oh, and did I mention seeing Daniel Tosh’s standup act?  Worth every penny.


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