Forecast: Vegas

Looks like the weather for this weekend is looking good….

On Christmas Day last year, Jon dressed the kids up in feathered headdresses and handed me a ticket to Las Vegas for this coming weekend.

Hailey: 'This was his idea.' I have no idea what look they were going for with the tissues in Evan's headband.

Now the time has come, our bags are packed, and Jon and I are heading out tonight for a little Sin City getaway. We’re sure to have plenty of fun and maybe get into a little trouble, but we’re also renewing our wedding vows in anticipation of our 15th anniversary in May.

Also on the schedule: losing money at the roulette table, seeing Daniel Tosh’s standup routine, and working up the courage to wear the bikini that I bought in a fit of hubris. Oh, I’ll also really enjoy spending some solid one-on-one time with my one and only without having to get off the couch to break up a squabble between the kids.


P.S.- Our friends, Gordon and Elaine will be on squabble-breaking duty while we’re gone. Thanks you guys!!

P.P.S. Jon has informed me that the tissues in Evan’s headband were there because it was pinching his head. Mystery solved.


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