OMG, you guys…

…I’ve done something crazy.  Maybe it was the throw-caution-to-the-wind-dance-like-no-one’s-watching-because no-one-cares tone of yesterday’s post.  Maybe it’s the fact that I have a house full of very flattering mirrors.  Maybe it’s because I’ve finally gone over the edge, but whatever the reason, I went and bought…

…my very first…


Chances are that none of you will ever see me in this.  I’m going on a long weekend trip with Jonathan, and I figured I can be a little daring several states away, where the only people who might see me will be too drunk poolside to take any notice.  I figure in a few years it will be too late to try something like this.  One doesn’t convert from sensible one-pieces to bikinis at the age of 40.

I’m giving myself an out, though.  I haven’t removed the tags.  I can always let common sense rule the day and not subject those at the hotel pool to the blindingly-white lumpiness that is my lower body.  (Legs, I say that because I love you and I can tell you the truth.)

But if I do manage to leave the hotel room with this on, I will be having a little party in my head.  I will avoid reflective surfaces and enjoy the feeling of fresh air on my sunscreen-slathered abdomen.

Wish me luck.



3 thoughts on “OMG, you guys…

  1. You are a brave brave soul….. Last time I wore one was when I was 16 or 17 and in my back yard. The neighbors saw me once when I was getting in the pool & whistled & I tell you I’m still not sure to this day if I touched the latter in my hurry to get up & in the pool & out of public view. I repeat. You are BRAVE!

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