Caption Contest!

This is bum’s way of posting, as I won’t be doing the writing, but I saw this in a parking lot near my home:

*insert your caption here*

It is crying out for a funny caption, but I’ve got a concert today, so I’ll be busy trying not to get lost on the way to Gainesville and won’t have the spare brain cells to think of something witty.

You, out there, with the brain cells to spare – you write the caption.

Write your caption in the comments section, and I’ll post the one I think is the funniest under the picture for all the interwebs to see. (I’ll link to your blog or website if you win, too.)

Post early and often, people.  Ready, set, go!

I’ll post the winner by 10 am tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Contest extended until 6 PM on Monday, March 4th, just to give you guys something to daydream about at work.


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