Reason #116 to love Tina Fey

Would any of you have the balls to commit this to film two months after having your second kid?

Angelina Jolie may smoke up the red carpet at every awards show, but Tina Fey’s awesome displays of downright regular-ness as Liz Lemon on NBC’s 30 Rock make me believe that there’s a place for me in this world.

For Tina to be in the industry that she’s in and have the bravery to pull off stuff like this speaks to her utter fearlessness.  If you want to see something even more inspiring, check out  Liz Lemon’s fake pregnancy photo shoot  from Season 5 of 30 Rock.  (I was especially awe-struck by how she kept trying to pooch out her stomach over her jeans.  I don’t think many other women – even Angelina – would be willing to be filmed doing that and then have it shown to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.)

Tina Fey, you are a stone cold gangsta.

Just for kicks – here I am as Liz Lemon last Halloween.  I had everything in my closet but the glasses – the bootcut jeans, striped shirt, small black blazer, charm necklace, Dansko clogs.  I didn’t have Liz’s brown hair, but I carried around a rolled-up sheaf of papers to complete the look.


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