I haven’t been posting, and I don’t have any excuse beyond just being in a kind of funk that has made writing fun or witty posts nigh on impossible.  I won’t whine about how I’m feeling, because no one likes those ‘I’m just in a really bad spot right now’ sort of blog posts (and I include myself in that nebulous group of ‘no one’).  I’ll just keeping thinking positively – for example, my therapist says I’m way ahead of the curve on my mid-life crisis.

I went for a walk in the cool fall weather today – and for once, I wasn’t walking to get my heart rate up or to do some sort of exercise.  I needed a break from all that, as I recently began doing some workouts with terms like “Shred” and “Xtreme” in their titles.  (The theme of Self-Mutilation in Workout Video Titles is not one I wish to pursue in this post, but I see some rich material there.)  Today, I just wanted to be outside, in no rush to get anywhere, and see where my feet lead me.

Wow, the trees are pretty here today.  And the leaves are everywhere, in spite of the city coming by and sucking them all up at least once a week.  On my walk, I found my feet shuffling through the little drifts of stray leaves by the roadside, kicking through the yellows and red and browns.  Didn’t we all used to do that?  It felt nice.  I suggest you try it again soon if you can.

My husband and I went out to my new favorite place the other night, and in a fit of beer-adled, post-dinner shopping, we upgraded my iPhone.  This news is relevant to today’s post because as I was walking, I came upon a huge Humvee parked on the street and I was really, really struck by just how huge those goddamn things are.  I pulled out my camera to take a funny picture of my five foot self and the behemoth vehicle, but instead of a still shot, I got a video.  Someone (I’m looking at you, Jonathan Lupton) left the camera in video mode when they last used it.

I love it when I talk to myself in public.  And now it’s on the record – maybe I’ll take it to my therapist.


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