Finally, a free way to be hip

I seem to be the last person on earth not taking pictures with the Hipstamatic app.  I’m too cheap to purchase it for my phone ($1.99 is apparently too high a price for me to pay for hipness), and my ancient, decrepit iPhone 3G now tends to freeze up whenever I’m taking pictures, anyway.

I have a passing interest in photography – I know just enough about it to be dangerous.  A few years ago, while Jon was on a business trip and I was feeling manic, I bought one of those pricey DSLR’s that every middle-class mom can be seen hauling around nowadays.  I love the camera, but whenever I pull it out, I can’t help but think of that SNL sketch where Will Ferrell pulled out a huge brick of a cell phone and calmly told his shocked associates that ‘Big is the new small.’

So while I have a great way to capture good pictures, I’ve been missing a simple way to edit those pictures and add just the right edgy razzle-dazzle.  I have a backlog of shots on my computer just crying out for the touch of a hipster; for faded edges, flares, saturated colors, and faux-vintage graininess.  I suppose I could just print the pictures up and squint at them to achieve the same effects, but…nah.

I went looking today for a free way to edit my pictures, and Google (ever my friend) brought me Pixlr-o-matic.  I now know how the folks on Etsy make all those arty photos with unnatural colors that look like they’ve been left out in the rain or scratched up by rabid squirrels or something.  Watch your backs, people, because I’m now armed with a program that can make a picture of burnt toast look like a heart-wrenching, nostalgic artistic statement.  With a few clicks, I’ve turned some of my favorite shots that were missing just a little something into semi-interesting photos that I will probably be vain enough to print up and put in my office.

Enjoy, while I go set up my new Etsy shop…


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