…but here’s the good news

I haven’t watched the nightly news on television in years, preferring to get my information from Yahoo! or Slate or other spots on the world wide web.  But lately, I can’t bring myself to visit my usual internet-based news sources, as there simply is no good news to be had.  Even Facebook is not safe – I watched this video that a friend posted today and now I’m struggling with a mighty urge to convert our retirement accounts into cash, stuff it all into pillows and cry myself to sleep.

To combat these nasty thoughts, I’m going to be the lone bastion of good news on the internet today.  Here are some great things that have occurred in the past 36 hours:

I ate this sandwich:

Yes, I ate this in my car. Don't judge.

I sang for a choral director in town and we set up a nice little Mutual Admiration Society with each other.  It’s never a bad day when someone calls you fabulous.

I got lost in my car, but when I pulled over, I saw this rainbow:

Not a double rainbow, but you'll hear no complaints from me.

Today is Wednesday, so you know what that means – I began my day with a fabled H&F croissant.

A friend generously shared a big batch of beef vegetable soup with me, so tonight, my family will have a delicious dinner AND a mother made less crabby by the relief of her kitchenly duties.

I heard this phrase on the podcast of This American Life – ‘…hot, hot horseback-y sex talk…’  It makes me smile – that’s a lovely bit of wordsmithing, if you ask me.

It’s barely 5:00 pm, and I am already in my pajamas.  I plan on visiting with some neighbors down the street in a moment, and there’s no need for me to change out of my cut-up t-shirt, comfy pants and slippers.  That’s how we roll in my ‘hood – Dyer Circle, the best street in Bramblee!

I don’t mean to sound Pollyanna-ish, as plenty of crap happened in the past 36 hours, too – my son wet the bed in the middle of the night; my afternoon catch-up nap was rudely interrupted by the allergist calling to say the price tag for my first appointment will be approx. $1000; the dog threw up, I fought with my daughter over her homework; and apparently, our system of government no longer functions.

But right now, my slippers are warm, dinner is already cooked, and I have friends waiting on me – the world’s trip to hell will have to wait.


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