Soprano at large

So, you’ve all been to my website by now, right?


So, you know that I’m trying to keep a blog over there too, right?

(Yes, I can see that exactly 10 of you have found that blog.  Thank you, intrepid souls, for stumbling around on the interwebs long enough to click on my site, even if it was by accident.)

However, things were not going smoothly on the blog on my ‘professional’ website.  Despite my enthusiasm for the subject matter, I felt stifled – I had to sound all intelligent and give the impression I knew what I was doing.


I couldn’t bring myself to post about singing with the same kind of sassy, slightly irreverent tone that makes posting on Benign Neglect so fun.  When it came to writing about singing, art music and performing, I didn’t feel free to be my fun, flawed, often-confused-but-sometimes-awesome self.

So, I’ve made a place online for myself where I can be myself as a performer.  I’ve created a new blog, Soprano at Large, where I will be over-sharing, updating the world on my successes and failures, and reporting on my attempts at music-making of all kinds.

These serious-looking people don't think that this is a good idea. What do they know?

I plan on posting about my progress on current projects, about new discoveries and reminiscing about moments strange and wonderful onstage.  I’ve linked it to my ‘professional’ site, but it has its home here at WordPress.  It gives me a little more digital room to breathe, I think, and I already feel more free to post about the life of a singer with humor and verve.

Try it, and get a glimpse of my benignly neglected career.

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