A White Thing This Person Likes

This is me, right this minute:

Where am I?  Some lovely spa?  At a luxury hotel?  No and no.  I’m living la vida blanca right in my own living room in this fluffy number.  I have IKEA and the kids in Indonesia who made this robe to thank for my cozy state.

As I have an extreme penchant for immodesty, bathrobes have never been a big part of my life.  In college, I once took a call on the communal phone in the dorm hallway in my jeans and a bra, oblivious to the fact that visiting hours were in effect (I went to a college with no coed dorms, and opposite-sex visitation was a scheduled thing).  A male friend walked into my dorm, looking for me, and upon getting an eyeful of me chatting away, sans shirt, took an immediate u-turn to the exit.  I had no idea it had even happened.

And the guy was gay anyway, so really, no harm, no foul.

I had no use for a bathrobe.  A bathrobe was an annoying middleman between the states of being undressed and dressed. I would just as easily (and clearly, I did) wander around half-dressed in real clothes than run around in a bathrobe on my way to my real clothes.

I finally ‘got’ why bathrobes are worth having two years ago, when my husband took me to a very nice hotel for our anniversary.  It was there, away from the kids and the laundry and the dinner preparations, that I realized that bathrobes are not about providing the modest among us with coverage between the tub and the clothes closet.  Bathrobes are about lounging.  Bathrobes are clothing for people who have nothing to do but sit around and be comfortable.  Like sweatpants for the luxury set.

Once I caught on to the comfort of a nice robe, I wanted one for my very own, to have hanging in my closet to remind me that the ease of lounging is just within reach.  But have you seen the price tag on a nice terry robe?  It’s a bit too luxurious for me, cheapskate that I am.  Enter IKEA and the small Indonesian children.  While mucking around in the Swedish mega-store last week, I came upon the holy grail – a 100% cotton robe at an affordable price.  $25 later, lounge-worthy luxury was mine.

Although I have to admit, wrapping my body in the thick velour folds of this robe in the late-summer heat is a bit more sweat-inducing than relaxing, I love it.  I put the kids to bed, put it on, and get to lounging while my husband watches reality tv – to keep things from getting too fancy around here.


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