Well, look who came to town

I the past week, I’ve blogged about Velveeta skillet dinners, some heavenly croissants, and Chili’s.  At the risk of this turning into a food blog, permit me to tell you about yet another food-like substance.

When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, I took it for granted that Tastykakes would always be a part of my life.  (Butterscotch Krimpets, anyone?)  Then I married a native Atlantan and followed him to the Southland, and Tastykakes were nowhere to be found.  But life went on.  My husband and I bought a house, had kids, and the mists of time fogged my recollection of all things Tastykake.

I had almost forgotten the sweet, sweet faux chocolate and peanut butter taste of a Kandy Kake.  Then, like a bolt out of the blue (or Philly, anyway), what do I see on my grocer’s shelf but this:

They taste like they’ve been shipped South by way of Russia, but maybe that’s the way they’ve always tasted.  (Memory cannot be reliable where childhood snacks are concerned.)  I can’t wait to introduce my kids to these things.

Thank you, Flowers Foods.


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