Name that shape

We got Hailey a pair of roller skates for her birthday, and the box the skates came in has just been sitting around.  The more I look at it, the more the purple-ish silhouette on it disturbs me.  I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be.  A centaur doing The Sprinkler?  I didn’t know centaurs could skate.  If someone out there has a better guess, I’d like to hear it.

This box is going in the recycling, ASAP.  

5 thoughts on “Name that shape

  1. It’s the silhouette of a due jumping with his arms in the air. He’s facing to the right. His knees are pulled up toward his chest.

    I saw this immediately. I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

    Why there is a seemingly full-grown man doing crazy skate moves on a little girls’ skate does escape me, however.

    I also will say that the small pic at the bottom right looks to me like a white wolf/dog whose body is facing left but whose head is turned to look behind him. Just sayin.



  2. Meg, I love that you’re leaving me some comment love on my blog. It makes me happy.

    And ooooooooohhh – I see the jumping dude, now. It’s like his back is to the viewer of the box. I was looking at it as though the figure was facing us. Whew. Glad that’s off my mind…

    I can kinda see the wolf/dog thing, but the colors throw me off. That box has gone out with the recycling, so we can’t stare at it and wonder for ourselves in person anymore. I should have saved it – it could have been like a Rorschach test for everyone on the block…

      • Meg, get over here right now and show me what you see! I think Hailey ‘rescued’ the box from the recycling – I saw it out in the garage…

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