Say hello to my little friend

I’m happy to inform you, if you live in the ATL, that heaven is within your grasp.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the H&F croissant.

I don’t know what they’re putting in the dough over there at the H&F Bread Co. (my first guesses are butter, more butter, and even more butter), but I’m hooked.  I dare you to find a better croissant this side of the Atlantic.

Every Wednesday morning, spring and summer, I pick up one of these at the Dunwoody Farmer’s Market and eat it straight from the paper bag as I cruise past all the organic fruits and vegetables for sale at the other booths.  If I’m feeling super-special, I’ll get a chocolate croissant, which has some of the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten, with or without all the buttery, flaky awesomeness around it.

There is a certain certain joie de vivre that comes from consuming baked goods of this quality, and sometimes I buy an extra treat so that I can experience that feeling at home on the next morning.

You should all be so lucky as to start your day this way.


2 thoughts on “Say hello to my little friend

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