Coming to you from the party between my ears


I think I’ve had a conversion moment.  I’ve seen the error of my ways.  And I may never go back to those plain but trendy white earbuds again.

Listening to Adele on these can change your life.

I’m late on every trend, as I’m cheap and refuse to buy things unless they’re on sale.  So, I imagine that the fact that old fashioned earphones are back in vogue is reeeeeal old news to most of the Western world.  But I have acquired a new-convert’s passion for the sound they put out – have you tried these things?  This pair that I have isn’t even particularly nice, but the sound I’m experiencing is so much richer and more textured than what I hear on earbuds.

And the rest of the Western world says, ‘Uh, yeah.  Duh.’  Well, pardon my enthusiasm.

As I’m too cheap to buy a second pair, I may have to fight my daughter for these pink pretties.  That’s a battle I’m willing to wage.

Here is Hailey, modeling what she'll be looking like for the next eleven years.


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