What’s with all the smiting?

Have you seen this?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I sit pretty squarely in the demographic that Kraft is trying to reach for this product.  If a baffled, ‘Did I really just see that?’ reaction is what they’re going for with this ad campaign, then, mission accomplished.

Image courtesy of The New York Times Company

I have no idea why Kraft thinks that blacksmith shop imagery would appeal to dinner-making folk – especially in the heat of summer.

‘Escape from your air-conditioned kitchens and get thee to a forge!  The kids are hungry!’

You know what I want for dinner in mid-August?  Something that requires no heat to prepare and that promises not to kill me with triglycerides.  FAIL, Velveeta.

Then again, maybe Kraft, Inc. is just preparing us all for our inevitable dooms, what with the downgrade and the housing collapse and all.  Smiting will probably be an important skill set in the coming apocalypse…

One thought on “What’s with all the smiting?

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